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I am Palestinian, have been born in Syria, living in the Hague/Netherlands.
Play the Ud “Arabic Lute”, Composer, Music Teacher.

Orchestra Leader of Hague Orchestra for Peace
Founder & Director of Foundation Amer Music for Peace

Studied at the Music Institute in Homs/Syria, and Music Education at the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague/Netherlands.
Wrote a book “Eastern Musical Theories” and book “Reading the Musical Pieces”.

Participated in to many musical works as “Solo, Band member, Workshop Leader, Music Teacher” in the Netherlands, Syria, Switzerland, Belgium with to many organisations and foundations like “Hague Projects, United Nations, Canegie Peace Palace, Justice and Peace, Amnesty International, Hague Talks, VluchtelingenWerk NL, Musicians without Borders, De Vrolijkheid, Bijnlands Lyceum, Musical PostCards.

As Musician: Play Solo and band member with “Hague Orchestra, Samar music Group, Trio NUR, Duo Ud & Riq, Women of Troy, First there was Home.” See Projects

As Music Teacher: Give private lessons, and teaching with foundation “De Vrolijkheid” in Katwijk, and teaching in “Eerste Nederlandse Montessori” in the Hague. See Teaching
Music with children, shift from war to peace

CNN: from 16:20 to 28:35

Hague Orchestra / Peace Palace 1

Hague Orchestra / Peace Palace 2

Wen Alla Ramalla

My Music & Tap Dance

Concert Samar

Samar Group : Layla

Trio NUR: Palestinian Folklore

Samar Group : Longa Riad

Radio Amsterdam. OBA Live 1

As if death were my amusement

NBE, Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam

Radio Amsterdam. OBA Live 2

Samar Group: Enta Omri

Moment of Loyalty

Cover Speeltuin: Marco Borsato

Musical Postcard: Peace Palace

Cover: To My Mother

Samar Group: Godfather

First there was Home

Ja Zarif Al Tool

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